While our work is generally in the functional area of Organisational and Human Resource Management we also operate more broadly to improve commercial outcomes for our clients on a sustained basis.

Our business operates in two primary ways:



Practical Human Resources delivers a tailored service in Australia for organisations as the “outsourced” HR department. This service includes the full range of professional HR services including recruitment, issues management, employee relations, OH&S, HR planning, payroll, reporting and administration. In short, all the services and functionality that would otherwise typically be delivered by a professional, credible, internal HR department. We have successfully provided this service in Australia for over 15 years to subsidiaries of UK and US based organisations where the local employee population is small but where they form part of a wider global enterprise.



Practical Human Resources also undertakes ‘end to end’ organisation based projects requiring skilful and sensitive analysis, dialogue and implementation. These projects could occur as part of a wider change program eg during mergers, acquisitions/restructuring or to address identified potential business or operational risks. They could also be to assist an offshore client navigate through the regulatory and practical issues of establishing and managing a workforce in Australia. Our highly experienced senior consultants each bring over twenty years of organisational expertise to these assignments. Our reputation for innovative and lasting solutions has been established with clients who faced challenging people related issues.


Our people