Projects undertaken by Practical Human Resources may address virtually any organisational or people related issue arising in organisations. After careful discussion and confirmation with a client PHR would typically document a proposal describing the approach and method to be followed as a project or assignment is undertaken. This is vital in order to deliver careful monitoring and timely feedback to the client on progress.


Any organisational intervention has some risk but the senior consultants at PHR are well versed in organisational dynamics and the importance of artful and enduring solutions that reinforce improved systems, controls and outcomes.


These projects can be quite diverse but the same principles of stakeholder engagement, careful risk management and measurable results apply. Some examples of projects undertaken by PHR include:


American Power Conversion (APC) a global provider (US owned) of specialist power supply product and services to the IT sector sought a review of its performance based remuneration processes for the Australia/New Zealand based sales team. Using a metrics approach PHR identified key business drivers to be rewarded and developed an equitable reward system delivering incentive results against targeted sales measures. Performance data and accruing personal bonus information was web enabled to allow access on a 24/7 basis for all sales staff, thereby positively reinforcing desired sales behaviours within the team.


JP Morgan engaged PHR in Sydney to manage the assessment and implementation of HRIS and payroll platforms following a series of acquisitions and mergers. Through acquisition JP Morgan acquired over 1500 employees in Australia supported across a range of payroll platforms including PeopleSoft, ChrisPay and PRISM. PHR was required to evaluate the needs of users and then to manage migration and integration onto the selected application. This work was completed in a very short timeframe and against tight local, regional and international reporting demands.


Nine Network underwent a very significant change in systems environment which required a major investment in the specialist resources and skills to achieve the project outcome. PHR was engaged on an exclusive basis to partner with the IT leadership team to identify, source and engage the resources needed for this enterprise wide project.

McGraw Hill engaged Practical Human Resources to project manage the transition of four payroll platforms in Australia on to a remote platform operated by a global vendor. This complex project involved cross cultural negotiation, planning and implementation against a very aggressive timetable.