We are proud of our Consultants – each of whom brings maturity, ‘hands on’ organisational experience and an outstanding capacity to develop excellent working relationships with clients and their employees


Our Consulting Team boasts a broad range of successful executive level experience in a range of international organisations with specialist career expertise in all areas of human resource management, risk and project management. Our team delivers credible input that enhances the effectiveness of the client’s organisation and culture.


Jim Neville

Jim is able to draw from over 30 years experience as a senior executive in global organisations where he has worked in Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom. Following graduation from the University of Sydney he specialised in industrial relations in the steel industry and broadened his professional skills in the engineering sector. He joined the banking and finance sector at a time of great change in the early 1990’s and he furthered his senior human resources experience at senior executive level in the professional services and property sector.

Jim established Practical Human Resources in 1999 to apply his deep expertise in all aspects of human resource management and his enthusiastic and pragmatic consulting style which has proven to be highly effective with clients and their employees alike.

His outstanding interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to deliver enduring, positive commercial outcomes for organisations ensures his credibility and effectiveness.

“The key motivator at work is the employee’s relationship with his/her supervisor/manager,’ according to Jim. “While remuneration and related benefits figure in the mix, from my experience where a manager operates inclusively, seeks the input and counsel of colleagues showing them genuine respect and recognition – a positive organisational environment is achieved. Most organisations expect sustained performance and commitment from their employees. Attention to organisational climate and the development needs of employees will provide the optimal platform to achieve this objective.”

In PHR Jim specialises in strategic HR initiatives on behalf of clients in the area of performance management and organisational climate.


Terry Jones

With over 30 years of experience in banking & financial services and more than a decade as a successful senior consultant to organisations Terry has developed an outstanding reputation with our clients. Within PHR his expertise is applied in the area of project management, IT resourcing, remuneration packaging and payroll management. Terry commenced his career in retail banking and assumed more senior roles in the banking sector before specialising in remuneration strategy and systems development. He was the project manager comprising IT professionals and Human Resource specialists for an in house HRIS development team for a large financial services organisation and the product was subsequently marketed commercially – even though it was not intended for that purpose.

“I always ensure that clients become very specific about the outcomes they seek,” says Terry. “Sounds simple – but this discipline is vital to ensuring that projects deliver what is expected on a realistic and timely basis.”

Terry has specialised in all aspects of remuneration design & operations. He leads the PHR practice in outsourced payroll solutions, resourcing and applies his sound experience as a HR generalist.


Margaret Woodburn

Margaret (Mags) Woodburn has over ten years of senior experience as a human resources practitioner. She has worked within several multi-national companies in the financial services sector and the legal profession gaining invaluable experience during significant merger events. Margaret’s success in these roles is due to her ability to develop strong partnerships at a senior level, her exceptional people skills and her highly commercial approach.

Margaret’s expertise in change management during significant mergers – Price Waterhouse with Coopers & Lybrand, and Chase Manhattan Bank with JP Morgan, is highly relevant to clients facing integration challenges. During these mergers the retention and development of key staff has been a major focus in order to ensure the on-going success of the merged organisations.

Margaret believes that “Retention and development of key personnel will have a profound impact on an organisation’s bottom line. My personal interest lies in the development of key personnel within the organization to ensure not only their contribution (through having the appropriate skills to perform at an optimum level) but their personal satisfaction as well.”

She is skilled at working with senior managers to identify key members of their teams, and then coaching these individuals to deliver sustained performance.

Margaret has completed a Master of Human Resource Management & Executive Coaching through Sydney University, and has completed an Australian Graduate School of Management programme in Strategic Human Resource Management.

Lyle Tracey

Lyle is an experienced Senior Consultant with PHR. He gained his professional experience initially in the aviation industry with QANTAS for 20 years and for the last 15 years in the metal manufacturing and engineering sector with the James N Kirby/Heatcraft Group and United Group.

Lyle has held senior industrial relations roles during periods of significant change including sale and acquisition of businesses. His down to earth and pragmatic approach coupled with his capacity to relate with employees in any setting ensures outstanding commercial outcomes and enduring goodwill among colleagues and employees with whom he deals. He has excellent experience as an advocate before industrial tribunals and is well versed in current FWA regulatory frameworks. He has a genuine interest in people and this translates into a no nonsense approach which is based firmly on the trust he creates among his work colleagues.


Sharyn Lambert

Sharyn has been associated with PHR since its inception in 1999. She has undertaken assignments on behalf of PHR as a business analyst, human resource professional and in a range of challenging organisational and payroll related projects. Her early career was in banking where she was identified for her high level quantitative abilities and prodigious work ethic.

She worked in the gaming and technology sectors before returning to the financial services sector in a senior HR role.

Sharyn works with PHR clients in managing payrolls and in developing improved operational processes.

In addition to our core team, PHR has established relationships with a number of external specialist consultants who can be engaged for particular assignments.