We are committed to an enduring and effective client relationship that promotes and reinforces the values of our clients and underpins achievement of their business objectives.


Outsourced HR Function


Practical Human Resources has several retained clients where the small employee population does not justify the appointment of an experienced HR professional. Many international firms with branch or subsidiary operations in Australia greatly value the independent and proactive means of delivering professional HR involvement and reporting.


In these cases, we typically assign to the client a senior consultant who is able to deliver that function on a seamless, shared basis which is cost effective and highly functional. While on site attendance is regular it is typically only for a few hours each week-but sufficient to build a rapport with employees and to be able to identify and address any organisational issues before they become problems.


A robust and confidential payroll service with the audit comfort of a bureau based payroll platform underpins the payroll offering.


Mergers & Acquisitions


The commercial success of most mergers and acquisitions is heavily dependent upon how the integration of leadership and workforces is managed. From the due diligence process, through to developing strategy and communication plans to implementation, PHR has the experience and capability to play a critical role in ensuring HR risks are identified and mitigated. Inevitably such changes ultimately need to address the question from employees –stated or unstated-“what does this mean for me?” Only by mapping out the integration plan and communicating milestones and time lines can the acquirer build confidence among the employees of the acquired company. Each transaction will have its own characteristics and the senior consultants at PHR are well equipped to add considerably to completion.

Project Management

Implementation of change in organisations inevitably affects multiple departments and employees with varying appetites for change. PHR has developed a strong expertise in Project Management which is frequently sought by clients to ensure the pace of change and the effectiveness of implementation occurs optimally. An external project leader is not constrained by internal relationships and dependencies and similarly experienced external business analysts are likely to effectively identify the process changes and metrics that will ensure a credible and robust basis for implementation.


Specialist Recruitment


PHR can offer a targeted and very professional recruitment and selection process for our clients including psychometric  assessment as required. Our attention to detail and careful appraisal of client needs and objectives inevitably leads to an excellent short list of candidates being presented to our clients. We frequently receive feedback and appreciation from applicants (including unsuccessful candidates) about the professionalism and personal way they were treated. Many larger recruitment consultancies apply a ‘mass market’ approach which does not always deliver the standards of care and concern that clients would want candidates to receive.


The other defining difference between PHR and other recruiters is that we adopt a ‘fee for service’ approach whereby our recruitment fee is based upon the actual time spent on the recruitment assignment. The industry standard is to charge an opportunistic flat fee of 20+% of the successful candidate’s initial remuneration-irrespective of the actual amount of time spent on the assignment. The PHR fee method typically amounts to circa 5% of initial remuneration but a vastly superior level of professionalism than is generally available in the market.


Organisational Risk Management

Operational Risk is the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events. PHR provides clients with services to minimise people related operational risk through advice and training designed to minimise negative potential impact on their business or reputation.

Through our highly experienced consultants we offer the following services aimed at small to medium sized businesses that do not necessarily have the expertise in-house:

Reviewing and providing advice on the adequacy of internal employment and workplace processes and systems, including implementation of effective processes and systems to minimise the risk of claims.

Reviewing and implementing staff policies and Codes of Conduct relating to prohibition of sexual and other forms of harassment, bullying and similar inappropriate and anti-social behaviours. Having relevant policies is a good start but it is vital that there is adequate training and explanation of these policies to ensure that the workplace culture is consistent with ‘best practice’ standards. In the event of a serious claim of harassment, the presence of adequate policies and a ‘zero tolerance’ culture is the best defence.

By delivering regular workshops covering values, ethics and informative case studies PHR can assist clients and their employees to understand the legal and operational framework in which any complaints of this nature will be addressed.

As necessary PHR can assist clients and their legal advisers with discreet investigation and reporting upon allegations or incidents of sexual harassment, bullying or other anti-social work practices. An allegation which is not acted upon quickly and appropriately is likely to fester and magnify. Bernadette Murray, a senior PHR consultant, is a lawyer who has extensive experience in discreet investigation of sensitive allegations of this nature and her reports attract legal professional privilege which is a significant advantage should subsequent legal proceedings occur.